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Joerg Egli

Carving Coach

Snowboarding since 1987
Ski-Windsurf- und Snowboardinstructor
Coaching since 1988
CEO of Pure Boarding


Gliding on snow and water, the joy of movement has accompanied me all my life. As the son of a sports retailer, I was born with a thirst for movement.

Even at the tender age of three, there was no stopping me on skis. From then on, skiing dominated my life: After a fairly successful - but marked by many injuries - racing career, I worked as a ski instructor for a few seasons - and as a windsurfing instructor in the summer. Windsurfing changed my life: surfing instead of skiing became my new life motto. The skis were hung on the famous nail - and replaced by surfing on the snow, the then newly invented snowboarding.

I was one of the lucky snowboarders of the first hour, founder of one of the first snowboard schools in Europe, the Snowboard School Fischenthal, and CEO of Pure Boarding.

For 35 years now, snowboarding has been my passion, my great passion. I love it again and again to stand on the board early in the morning and to make beautiful carves in the snow - but also to pass this great sport on to the people.

So snowboarding has influenced my life, brought me together with like-minded people (almost) all over the world - and that's not all: At the not so tender age of almost 60 I started to live another dream, surfing. So the Pure Boarding motto 'Surf the snow' has been more than just an advertising slogan all these years - and would probably soon have to be replaced by the motto 'Surf it! The main thing is that I can still stand on the board for as long as possible - regardless of whether it's a snowboard or a surfboard: Keep on carving!