Born to Carve Line


A new day, snow white and steel blue as it should be. You buckle up your Bastard under your boots. A slight moment of expectation and then you throw yourself into the slope.
The first few turns and you feel you have a ride in front of you which you will not forget. You show the Bastard who is the rider!
You're all prepared now, you check out the piste and the snow. You feel like grabbing the edges, press yourself in, the more extreme - the better. The board will never lose its grip; it will heighten your senses. High and pure in the backside. Wow, what a feeling. You will already be addicted and drawn in to the next turn: frontside, backside, frontside - your rhythm, your style!
Even better, even more extreme and you want that it does not stop. Icy? You go in more aggressively. Your Bastard is ready for anything. Try to find the Bastard's boundrys, before it finds yours.....
Fancy a game? Powder, off-piste, moguls, tricks - anything goes.
In the transition to the steep section and you just let that bastard off the leash; Need for Speed! The board now catapulted to race pace and thanks to incredible smoothness you are relaxed and under control.
What a ride! "Damn Bastard!" How is that possible? Before you know it you're back on the lift for more.
Clearly, design and construction is at its best, but you feel there's more: The Bastard is the masterpiece of Pure Boarding extreme carving riders, the result of years of hard development work!
On the lift again and you have a little time. You look at your bastard and think: yes! It fits the design! To the board and to me.

Bastard162 cm23.2 cm10 m
Bastard168 cm23.8 cm10 m

  The data:

  • Sandwich Construction
  • Mixed wood core, glued vertically
  • Triaxial fabric, carbon and Kevlar reinforcements in the upper and lower
  • Nano high-speed coating
  • Damping inserts in the edge, peak and end-field
  • Hand Made
  • Progressive sidecut

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