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Creative boarding, unlimited freedom and versatility. Pure fun! Everything is possible: carving with extreme lay-downs, powdering through deep snow, moguls, tricks and jumps - style unlimited!

Snowboard Carving Technique

In the past 35 years Pure Boarding has developed an easy to learn, dynamic snowboard carving technique and has continuously improved it. It helps you to move safely in any terrain and to progress quickly in all snow conditions.

An important aspect is an open yet stable binding position that offers a lot of freedom of movement and allows a deep position in the knees. An early set rotation in the hips triggers the turn and keeps you perfectly centered over the board. Instead of sliding, you have plenty of grip on the edge - even in hard and icy piste conditions.

Snowboard Carving is real sport - and lifestyle!

Snowboard Carving Coaching

Times are changing - so is the coaching. Now you can choose whether you want to improve your technique on snow "on mountain" or "online". In addition, you have the possibility to prepare yourself perfectly for the season in summer with our "functional-coaching-video".

But that's not all: With presentations for companies, perhaps even "snowboard strangers" can take away something from our philosophy and our way to more quality of life.

Better riding in all conditions, aesthetic carving and dynamic lay-downs - you will learn everything and become a better snowboarder.

Snowboard Carving Community

Pure Boarding has an ever-growing international community of participants who look forward to seeing each other again each season at snowboard carving camps and on trips, sharing ideas and fostering friendship and passion for the sport.

It's not about "competition" or "self-promotion" - it's about enjoying an exciting winter day together and rejoicing in every descent.

Being a member of the international Pure Boarding community can become an important part of your sporting life.

Snowboard Carving Camps

Pure Boarding offers several snowboard caring camps every season - weekends and whole weeks - with professional technique training by experienced instructors. With Pure Boarding snowboarding is never boring.

Our camps are the place where you can experience Pure Boarding in its entirety!

Welcome to Pure Boarding.