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On Mountain Carving Coaching

Our "On Mountain Carving Coaching" can be booked from anywhere in the world. From December to April we are stationed on the Chäserrugg in Switzerland (www.chä Furthermore we offer different events from October - April in the Alps (see events).

There is also the possibility to book one of our coaches to an area of your choice.

If you like to learn and practice in small teams, then you might be interested in the group carving lessons - if you prefer to be trained individually, you can choose the private carving lessons. With both types of lessons we put emphasis on the greatest possible progress - and the joy of carving!

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The schedule is as follows:

  • Welcome, information and definition of the goal
  • Material: control and setup
  • Warm up
  • Analyze and improve technique

Duration 2,5 hours and 30 minutes for video analysis. It is an important tool for a successful coaching. It allows you to understand your riding style and then see your progress. The coach will film some of your rides and then discuss and analyze them with you.

Top Coaching for all Snowboarders - Take your riding to the next level!

Private Carving Coaching


Private Carving Session:
Cost: 1 - 2 participants, 1 session: Euro 250
Cost: 1 - 2 participants, 3 sessions: Euro 650

Group Carving Session:
Cost: 3+ participants, 1 session: Euro 300
Cost: 3+ participants, 3 sessions: Euro 750

Private coach in a ski resort of your choice (worldwide):
The price is on request, depending on arrival and overnight stay

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Lessons usually last 3 hours, half an hour of which is dedicated to video analysis. Ideally, we try to hold the sessions always in the morning - we need space for our carves! So: get up early - a must!

Prices do not include transportation, equipment, ski pass or food and drinks. If you need accommodation, we will be happy to help you.

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Pure Boarding test boards

There is the possibility to test the newest boards from Pure Boarding. Please let us know if you are interested.