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Online Carving Coaching

Video Analysis Online

Carving coaching online includes personal analysis with a Pure Boarding instructor.

During this online meeting he will analyze your technique and help you to improve it. We can offer these meetings worldwide in English and German. All you need is an internet connection, a cell phone or a laptop and you're ready to improve your personal style.

Talk to your personal coach anywhere in the world!

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This is how it works

Send us your personal video

All you have to do is record your video before the session and then send it to us. When you are ready, you can contact us and we will inform you how to send us the video.
After that we make an appointment and you have an online meeting with a Pure Boarding Coach.

He will analyze your video and create a summary. After that, in a personal session, we will discuss your technique step by step and help you to improve it.
You will then receive a summary of your personal session so that you can watch it again and again.

If it is not possible for you to send us video material of you, we will use our film to explain how you can improve your style.

Duration for a session: 45-60 minutes


Private session 1 - 2 persons contains:

Record and provide the video session:

1 x Session 150€

3 x Sessions 400€

5 x Sessions 500€

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