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«Surf the Snow» - just another advertising slogan among many?

Over 30 years ago, I set out in search of flow on the snowboard, in search of flowing, round and harmonious movements that let you glide as weightlessly as possible over the snow on the snowboard. I didn't want to set any speed records, I didn't want to make any huge jumps, no, I was already looking for the carving feeling back then, even though I didn't know the term yet (What I always knew, however, was that soft material or a raceboard and I would never go together).

I dreamed of the eagle soaring through the air, I dreamed of "Surf the Snow", of surf-stands - and it all became clear at once: wider boards, springy plate bindings, "soft" hard boots are necessary for surfing on the snow.

After more than 30 years I am - together with a cool team - there, what I had dreamed of: material, technique, methodology, energy and flow have grown to a round whole, which makes not only me, but already a lot of Pureboarders happy.

Yes, SURF THE SNOW - are you in?

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