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Jack-Up Stance

Jack Up StanceJack Up StanceJack Up Stance

The jack-up® stance lift fits all 4x4 binding systems and is easy to mount. jack-up® guarantees the following advantages:

  • better edge hold at any angle
  • increased safety, especially on hard snow
  • 15% less effort to get the board on the edge
  • instant edge to edge transition
  • only 10mm high, you don't loose the feeling to the board / to the slope
  • protects the board especially when you ride though bindingsystems
  • effective neoprene dampening system reduces knocks and vibrations, takes pressure off your joints and reduces fatigue
  • higher stance (10mm) prevents boots from catching the snow, increasing safety
  • high-tech-novelty made from fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • ultra light, excellent dampening capacity, durable
  • Top quality product (Swiss-Made)

Pure Boarding recommend the die jack-up® stance.

130,00 €