Born to Carve Line

Black Diamond

One can argue about taste not about style. Style as the combination of extravagance and modesty. You either have it or you don't.

The Black Diamond has it. As with a black diamond: with all the fascinating properties of the noblest of precious stones, but in black.

The revolutionary concept of using the best available materials which are then specially handcrafted at first glance makes the Black Diamond unique. The design is restrained but unmistakable. Fashion is tomorrow of yesterday, style is eternal - like a diamond.

Anyone who rides a Black Diamond feels its exclusivity, but plays it cool. Style as "Art of Living" does not have to be proven.
Life carries its own highlights, ride, learn and enjoy.

As these ice-clear winter mornings reflect a perfect day in the mountains. Gleaming white, over-the contrasts and contours, almost unreal in a blue that is captured by any camera. You check your equipment which has been carefully tailored to the requirements of high-alpine and you take time for the beauty of nature and design.
The slope creates the space for your creativity and your skills; the Black Diamond gives you perfect implementation.

With the Black Diamond you will find your Neverland. Each turn makes your stronger and will bring you to Euphoria!

Gradually the sun conquers the icy shadow. Your line is emerging in the freshly groomed slopes:
A perfect diamond-cut pattern with the characteristic shift in the edge change.
You can follow a detour through the deep snow, becoming one with the board, a weightless dance in the game with the terrain.

Made for wide-cut swings, high speed, maximum lean angle, the body just above the snow. Of course, you noticed the wake in your trail and it's good to know that concealed beneath the elegant skin of the Black Diamond is a thoroughbred high-end product.

You give everything and enjoy everything. The day, the mountain, the Black Diamond.

Black Diamond162 cm23.2 cm10 m
Black Diamond168 cm23.8.8 cm10 m

The data:

  • Sandwich Construction
  • Mixed wood core, glued vertically
  • Triaxial fabric, carbon and Kevlar reinforcements in the upper and lower
  • Nano high-speed coating
  • Damping inserts in the edge, peak and end-field
  • Hand Made
  • Progressive sidecut

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