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The Pure Boarding Philosophy

Creative snowboarding with maximum freedom and versatility. No limits and a whole lot of fun! For a Pure Boarder, everything is possible: carving extreme lay-down turns, enjoying powder over pristine slopes, playing in moguls, jumps, tricks – styles unlimited! One board for all terrain and snow conditions - Pure Boarding.

The Pure Boarding Technique

The Pure Boarding style is aggressive and exciting, but easy to learn and safe.
To teach the technique, Pure Boarding has created a snowboard school of quality instructors available at over 10 events each year (weekend and week-long).
Pure Boarding is attractive to so many people because it is easy to become proficient, but still offers endless challenge to perfect one’s technique and push oneself to ever higher levels of performance. This sport never gets boring!


Over the past 32 years, Pure Boarding has developed an easy to learn technique which is both exciting and safe. You quickly become proficient and confident on most terrain and snow conditions.  

A key element of this technique is an open stance which is stable and makes it easy to bend one’s knees to get low and lay-down carves. Early hip rotation initiates turns and keeps the hips over the board, which helps edges grab to avoid skidding, even on hard-packed snow.


Pure Boarding has created a growing international community of friends who look forward to meeting-up with other members of the Pure Boarding family particularly at Pure Boarding events, where they can renew friendships, improve their riding together and simply enjoy a truly exciting and enjoyable winter sport. It is not about competition or ‘posing’. It is about fun and enjoyment together in winter.

The desire to enjoy and improve their carving motivates many to stay in better shape year-round, particularly as the new season approaches, which improves their overall health and well-being. For many people, Pure Boarding has been a life-changer – being a Pure Boarding carver and being part of the community becomes an important part of your personal identity.


Pure Boarding organises an annual calendar of over 10 events in Europe, North America and Asia, where people can learn, become part of the Pure Boarding family and enjoy winter together, both on and off the slopes. Events are the glue which brings together all the elements of the complete Pure Boarding program.


Pure Boarding has a team of high quality instructors at all events. The instructors help newbies learn the easy technique, help experienced riders advance towards their next personal goal and challenge top riders to even higher performance levels in all conditions.