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You Are Easy Enough!

TWO Black Betty

Sometimes you need to be a little crazy to get something extraordinary out of life. The development of the TWO was such a project!

The prize: A snowboard that is excellence in all disciplines, all levels and a lot of fun. This board is Pure boarding.

The task: The perfect balance of form, structure, materials and manufacturing processes. No compromise in achieving its aims and at a reasonable price.

The creation:
A long series of prototypes from a creative board forged with hard work and optimized by Joerg Egli and his Pure Boarding Team.
The breakthrough: the maximum seemed already to have been achieved but it is a compromise.
Then another "final" prototype and it all suddenly came together!
Outstanding versatility without weaknesses, peak performance with playful ease of handling.
In short, a board for a new league!

So now you have it on the feet. Black. Ethno-restrained design.
First impression: Smooth but not particularly spectacular.

But that changes after a few meters: The TWO becomes a part of you, you feel its beat: "I love Rock 'n Roll ..."! It fits the stage!

You follow the rhythm: An Olli, Noseroll, a few Fakies, Tailroll, the complete lay down carve as the final chord on the kicker. A few Softboot boarders at the side of the pieste rub their eyes - go easy, guys!

You and the TWO, it compounded to the Beat!
Add with "I'm TNT ..." you go inbetween the skiers like a slalom course and say your goodbye's as they are history!

For you the Powder attracts you off-piste.
You surf the white waves and follow the terrain to the sounds of Kubrick's Space Odyssey.

The slope steepens and the contour changes.
Concentration, body control and a responsive board for the special kind of dance, "Hail, Hail Rock 'n Roll ...", cheered by the audience!

Back on the piste and time for the Hard Rock with pure acceleration!
TWO shows you the edge and the full program:
Tight carves old-school style, backside grabs, extended lay-downs, then it gets steep and black, keep your carves low with strong commitment.
Ice? - You put your focus on the edge and you carve harder.
The TWO is reliable.
Even when you finally level out at high speed the opposite side of the valley.

What did Ian Dury say? "One and One and Rock 'n Roll is everything I need"!
The man is right.
The TWO is your personal juke-box: you call up the next track from what is within you.
Playful, but without compromise.

The TWO - take it - go easy!

The data

  1. Sandwich Construction
  2. Mixed wood core, glued vertically
  3. Triaxial fabric, carbon and Kevlar reinforcements in the upper and lower
  4. Nano high-speed coating
  5. Damping inserts in the edge, peak and end-field
  6. Hand Made

The three length*:

  1. Effective length: 164 cm
  2. Edge length: 139 cm
  3. Width 24,5 cm
  4. Progressive sidecut

TWO "Black Betty" - Length: 164 cm - Euro 700.00

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Testcenter in:
USA / Aspen

Some Reviews of satisfied TWO-Riders.

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