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Flashback ... Let us rewind to the end of the last millennium. The wild beginnings of snowboarding have become history, now snowboarding is "in"!
It is dominated by kids wearing soft boots, some of them sliding downhill or across the slope, the others just sitting around. They wait for the must-haves of the upcoming season, in humble worship of their "video heroes" (whose stunts will never be their stunts, as they are mere mortals). Riding is no longer the focus. Hardbooters are slowly becoming an endangered species, more and more they aspire to living a life on the edge (with an astonishing perseverance and, lately, very successfully).

The footloose creativity of snowboarding, the freedom to master all slope conditions and styles with just one set of equipment - in short, the unsurpassed ideals of the pioneers of snowboarding - are threatened to sink into oblivion.

This is the moment of Joerg Egli and his mission "Pure Boarding".

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The Pure Boarding Project

The recipe was quite simple at first: on the one hand, refuse the commercialized spirit of the present and its equipment-focused pressure to specialize! On the other hand, hold fast to freedom, diversity, and quality of experience, the original basis of snowboarding - and hold fast to hardboots.

At a second glance, however, the real goal of Joerg's Pure Boarding Project turned out to be not so easy to achieve: To develop the impressive and mostly unused and wasted potential of snowboarding for boarders of all levels. To design a fundamental riding technique as a basis for all snowboarding styles and of the necessary tools to further explore it without limits. To come up with a training concept, based on the sole factor of pure experience!
To tackle such a project, you must have snowboarding running through your veins and be almost stubborn in your convictions and optimism.

Again, Joerg Egli comes into the picture.

Joerg Egli, the father of Pure Boarding

Joerg Egli, Owner and holder of Pure Boarding
Jörg Egli, Gründer und Inhaber von Pure Boarding

Presumably genetically predisposed (His family has owned a sports store for many decades and his father holds several patents for inventions concerning sports and technology), Joerg was first found racing on two planks - all the way into the Swiss national ski team.
He started a pinstriped career in the financial sector and acted, generally speaking, inconspicuously (as far as one can expect that from a young ski and windsurfing instructor!). But one day, Joerg Egli decided to make his great passion windsurfing his profession and ended his white-collar career. The following (eventful) years, he ran windsurfing schools at various "hot spot" resorts. Then: snowboarding! Joerg Egli founded one of the first snowboarding schools in Europe and with his unmistakable style he quickly managed to make a name for himself, among other things as a consultant for board manufacturers!

Joerg combined the relaxed attitude of an American with his own Swiss quality awareness. He watched the development of the young sport from a critical and independent point of view; he adopted only what he found promising and dropped the rest - such as softboots.
With that, he finally left the mainstream behind and laid the cornerstone for the present success of Pure Boarding. But ahead lay a long and rocky road (snowboarders know what that means), occasionally teetering on the edge of the abyss.
For example, when a hardboot manufacturer went belly up, Joerg spontaneously snapped up the whole stock without even asking for numbers or figures.
Or when he established the World Carving Session on two continents which called for a commitment to the demanding U.S. carveboarding scene. Or the substantial investment of time and resources to develop the Pure Boarding hybrid boards. All of the above were not always economically sound, but still important decisions for the success of Joerg's Pure Boarding mission. Such is, of course, the internet: It links the hardboot scene and creates a global platform for independent concepts such as Pure Boarding. Joerg's films have become classics in no time at all and have reached thousands of snowboard fans. Today, Pure Boarders cannot only be found all across Europe, but also in Japan, Canada, and the United States, there, from Aspen to the east coast.In the face of all the dynamics and his success, Joerg Egli has always remained true to himself: snowboarding instead of cost accounting, unbridled fun instead of balance sheets.

Why be normal?

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